Board of Directors
Heli Tomford, Founding President
Suzanne Johannet, President
Anne Lougée, Treasurer
Anne Stuart, Clerk
Kim Foster
Cate McGrail
Paul Santos
Hal Shubin
Joan Teebagy
Julie Wu

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About Us

The Belmont Food Collaborative (BFC) was created in June of 2009 as an umbrella organization over the Belmont Farmers’ Market  and other charitable and education activities focused on good food, nutrition, and local and sustainable farming.

BFC is run by a Board of Directors, but depends heavily on the work of volunteers. Read the 2018 Annual Report (or the report for 2017).

Our mission

The Belmont Food Collaborative’s mission statement:

  • to promote the good health of citizens of Belmont, Massachusetts and surrounding communities;

  • to enhance the quality of life in that area by providing education and information about healthy, active lifestyle choices to people of all ages, abilities and means;

  • to increase the availability of fresh, locally produced foods within walking or bicycling distance;

  • to help people in need obtain fresh, healthy foods;

  • to promote and support local, sustainable agriculture and home vegetable gardening; and

  • to conduct programs and develop other means by which the corporation can pursue the aforementioned purposes.

Find out how we meet these goals, join us or make a donation if you’d like to help.